About SubStation6

SubStation6 is the product of Radium, sound art and submerged dwellings.


Substation Synth


Central European tour. Move to Florida. Finalize media.

Substation Synth


Recording and mixing in the studio. Kinetic audio devices R&D.

Substation Synth


Live performance at Brutal Sound Effects Festival #93 at the Lab in SF.  Depth Sounder upgrade with humbucker pickups.

Substation Synth


Live performance at the shipyard with Dreamfish and Mochipa.  Rebuilding Depth Sounder as permanent installation at Melting Point.

Substation Synth


HHGS V2 complete!  Features include a “scale mode” foot pedal that can be used instead of the knob on the unit.  This makes it easy to play another instrument along with the HHGS simultaneously and harmoniously.  Show at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes to start the year.

COVID-19 pandemic hits and everything grinds to a halt.

Substation6 Live at the Peacock Lounge, San Francisco


Show at Peacock Lounge.

Lots of time being devoted towards the next version of the HHGS.

Holy Hand Grenade Synth


Further revisions to Tube Tester Synth lead to new unit, “The Holy Hand Grenade Synth” (HHGS). Unit includes a sequencer, and scale/mode dial for “soloing” in any key or scale/mode.  Exotic scales added such as “Phrygian Dominant” for an Arabic type sound and an “Auto” mode for hands-free jamming.

Collaboration with UrbanRez at Brutal SoundFX during the Camp fires. Very smoky.

Created “Vapormorphic Wanderlust“,  a live musical improvisation performed by Substation6 & Dreamfish.

Tube Tester Synth


Tube Tester Synth is developed from old Jackson Model No. 657 Tube Tester  (circa 1942).  Unit was non-functioning so it was completely gutted and re-purposed with newer electronics to generate sound.

First Open Studios held at Shipyard allowing people to play around with instruments.

SubStation6 Asbestos


First show at The Luggage Store Gallery in SF performing with Horse Lords, and Extra soft Earthquake (Brian pos + Wobbly).

Collaboration with Mort and second live performance at Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco.

Depth Sounder


Moved into new studio at SF Shipyard’s US Naval Reserve Drill Hall; Submarine Training School (bldg #115) in “classroom #6”.  Studio used to house a mock-submarine interior with a control center for training.  Highly inspired, SubStation6 is born.

Work begins on new instrument, The Depth Sounder.

Experimentation begins on creating sound responsive visual effects and projection mapping.